A Focused Path To Recovery From Your Knee Surgery

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Many people are choosing to recover from major surgery at home. While recovering in familiar surroundings sounds appealing, you can easily be distracted from your primary task of healing and strengthening your knee. Here is how a short term rehabilitation center can keep you focused on a successful recovery from knee surgery.

You'll Have Support for Those Daily Activities

Simple tasks, such as making your bed and fixing a sandwich for lunch, can be a challenge during your first few days of recovery. You'll have staff available around the clock to help with the smallest task. As you regain your strength, you'll take on more of the responsibility for your daily activities but still have help with the more complicated tasks.

You'll Have Better Pain Management To Keep You Moving and Comfortable

You will have some pain in your knee after the surgery and during your physical therapy. The pain is easier to control if the medication is taken before the onset. The short term rehab staff will keep you on a regular schedule of pain medication and make sure that you are comfortable during physical therapy and when doing your own exercises.

You'll Have Support to Stay Motivated

Successful recovery from knee surgery means incremental progress over a period of time. You may become frustrated at your progress and be tempted to stay in bed and skip a therapy session or not do your exercises. Gentle prodding by the rehab team will keep you on schedule for your recovery.

You'll Have Guidance to Stay Within Your Limits

As you begin to feel better and your knee gets stronger, you'll be tempted to push yourself beyond what your knee is capable of. This puts you at risk of injuring yourself and your knee, setting back your recovery. The staff will watch your activities and remind you to stay within the boundaries set by your doctor and physical therapist.

You'll Have Quick Answers for Your Questions and Concerns

You'll be working with professionals who are familiar with your knee surgery and the requirements of recovery. Should you have a strange pain in your knee or a question about doing a different activity, the staff will help alleviate your concerns and get answers to your questions. If they don't have resident expertise to answer a question, they will track down your doctor so you won't have to spend time on the phone.

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