4 Ways To Help Your Parent Acclimate To Their New Assisted Living Apartment

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Helping your parent move to an assisted living apartment may offer you some peace of mind, but chances are that your loved one will find it hard to let go of some of their independence and start fresh in a strange place. More than likely, your parent will feel a bit lonely as they strive to make new friends and get used to their new daily routines. Here are four ways you can help your parent acclimate to their new assisted living apartment so they're comfortable and content from the get go:

Take Multiple Tours

It's a good idea to schedule a few tours of the assisted living apartment community in the weeks leading up to your parent's move so they have a chance to get to know the layout, learn more info about the daily activities that are available, and get to know the staff who will be relied upon for support throughout each day. Try to schedule tours during high activity days when exciting things are going on that will give your parent something to look forward to when they move in.

Schedule a Lunch Date

In addition to taking multiple tours at the facility, schedule a lunch date a few days before the move so your parent has a chance to sit down and chat with the other residents and make some new friends. Your loved one will have an opportunity to gain insight from the residents for extra support and preparation.

Frame Some Photos

A great way to make your parent feel at home as soon as they get settled into their new place is to frame some family photos that provide happy memories and hang them on a wall of their new place where they'll be able to see and appreciate them on a daily basis. Consider having the photos blown up so they're large enough to enjoy from across the room.  

Schedule Regular Visits

To ensure that your parent has all the support they need and doesn't feel isolated from their previous life, make a point to schedule regular visits on a calendar for you and immediate family members if possible. The calendar can hang on your parent's wall so they have a way to keep track of visits and have something to look forward to in the days leading up to a visit.

These tips and tricks will take some of the stress away for both you and your parent during this important transitional time, and may even help to bring you both closer together.