Why Assisted Living May Be Ideal For A Blind Senior Parent

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Do you have a blind senior parent who needs a little help around the house on occasion? If you don't like the fact that you can't be around to help all of the time, you may want to speak to your parent about living in an assisted living community, like Alpine Manor Home For Adults. In this article, learn how your blind parent can benefit from an assisted living home and how it can be afforded.

What Makes Assisted Living Ideal for a Blind Senior?

One of the benefits of living in an assisted living community is that your senior parent will still feel at home and not like he or she is in a nursing facility. He or she will have a regular apartment that is equipped for those that are handicapped. For instance, the doors may be a little wider and there will be rails in the shower for safety. There will be nurses available to help your parent at all hours of the day and night.  A few of the services that the nurses will provide that may be hard for a blind parent include:

  • Light cleaning
  • Shopping outings
  • Help sending off bills
  • Assistance with bathing
  • Healthy food preparation
  • Rides to medical appointments

The nurses will also help your parent get into the habit of keeping important items in specific spots, such as keys, remote controls and house slippers. Your parent will then know how to locate them easier when no one is around and he or she doesn't want to call for a nurse's assistance.

Your parent will also be encouraged to participate in activities that are hosted at the assisted living community to prevent boredom. Sometimes charitable organizations visit assisted living communities to provide entertainment that may include singing, games or making crafts. You can also take your parent out anytime that you desire, as there won't be any special visiting hours to follow like it is at nursing homes.

Is There a Way to Get Help with Assisted Living Expenses?

Your parent may be able to get financial help through the Medicare program since he or she is blind. Even without Medicare, there are multiple assisted living communities to choose from that may be within a decent budget. You can take your parent to a social services office to help him or her apply for Medicare. Your parent's income will play a major role in getting qualified. Speak to your parent about assisted living so he or she will be safe and you can have a peace of mind!