4 Advantages of Assisted Living Homes

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If a loved one is no longer able to care for themselves, or is suffering from a debilitating illness, assisted living may provide the relief and support necessary, without placing an overwhelming financial or emotional burden on the individual's family. Take a look at the four biggest advantages that nursing homes and assisted living centers have to offer.

1. Specialized Healthcare

While friends and family members might be able to house and care for a loved one who is struggling with their health, they most likely won't be able to take on the more specialized aspects of healthcare. Nursing homes are staffed with registered nurses who are familiar with medical procedure and experienced in dealing with patients who are physically or mentally incapacitated.

2. 24-Hour Task Assistance

Simple task assistance with eating and drinking, for example, is something that some families can take on without any problems. But other tasks, such as bathing, using the restroom and taking medication can often prove to be far more difficult. Furthermore, without a round-the-clock caretaker at home, emergency assistance at any given time is impossible. But assisted living centers have the facilities and staff to ensure that residents can be helped with anything at any time. 

3. Sociability

Even if your family is able to provide a full-time caretaker for your loved one, it's simply not possible to create a social environment in which a person can thrive with their peers. Assisted living homes provide opportunities for elderly or disabled residents--who may not otherwise be able to have a robust social life--to socialize with those who have similar backgrounds and interests as their own. Whether at weekly card game tournaments or performances by local musicians, you can be sure your loved one won't be alone. 

4. Individualized Catering

Care of elderly patients often includes a long list of dietary restrictions and preferences, as well as complicated daily medication schedules and various allergies, some of which can be life-threatening. Thankfully, assisted living centers can cater to individual needs, whether nutritional or medicinal, and hold the safety of their residents as their top priority. All of these costs are included in the total cost of home care and services, so those who decide to place an aging loved one in an assisted care facility can rest assured that no extra costs associated with dietary or medical issues will be charged to them unexpectedly. 

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