Assisted Living Facilities: 3 Things Caregivers Must Consider When Searching for a New Home

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If you have a loved one that is getting on up there in terms of age and their health is starting to deteriorate, it may be time to consider an assisted living facility. This will allow them to be in an environment where medical professionals are available when needed and your loved one can receive help with day-to-day tasks that may have become harder over time. Here are three things to remember as a caregiver as you begin a search for a new home for your elderly loved one:

1. Take the Time to Tour Communities.

Make a list of the assisted living facilities in your local area and decide on a day to go tour them. If possible, take your elderly loved one along. This is the best way for you and your loved one to get a true feel for the facility. Make sure to at least have four or five facilities to visit and tour. You can then narrow things down from there. You should also considering visiting during peak social times of the day, such as meal times. This will allow you to meet more of the residents as well as the staff.

2. Consider the Financials.

Although you don't want money to be an object, the fact of the matter is that finances have to line up for an assisted living facility to work. Determine exactly how much can be put toward the facility each month. You may need to sell your elderly loved one's vehicle or home. You may even need to consider cashing in on your loved one's life insurance policy. Don't forget to try to get money together from all family members, as this can help tremendously. With a little bit of money from everyone, you may be able to make things work easier than you initially thought.

3. Don't Forget Your Loved One Needs to Be Involved.

Sure, you may have the final say so, but your loved one needs to help you make the decision on where they will stay, assuming they are able to do so. After all, they will be the one's living there, not you. Let them know that their opinions of the facilities really do matter. After you've visited several facilities and have gone back home, sit down with your loved one and discuss the pros and cons of each of the facilities. See which facility your loved one liked the best. You never know—it may be your favorite too!

If you have any questions regarding assisted living facilities, make sure to speak to the staff members. They should be able to answer any questions you have and hopefully put your concerns at ease. If they do not make you feel confident, then move on to another facility. You need to feel confident that your loved one is going to live comfortably, be safe, and be in good hands.